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GTA series is the most played game series of all time and thanks to its open-world theme where you can do anything literally anything.

From flying a jet plane to driving a boat, making military chasing you or using a rocket launcher you can do anything in GTA. However, in earlier versions of GTA, there were some restrictions like in GTA: Vice City you can’t swim.

Talking about GTA: Vice City, is one of the most played game among GTA series. Vice City is full of explorations and excitement. It is mainly inspired by Goodfellas, Scarface, and Miami Vice.

Here are some fun facts and things to know about Vice City.


Fact 1 :

GTA sharks

You can’t swim in the rivers. The only reason is the number of sharks in the river. They can be easily visible once you are close to a river. Therefore, if you fall into a river by mistake then there is nothing you can do other than being wasted.


Fact 2 :

The airport logo of Vice City International Airport and Miami International Airport are the same.


Fact 3 :

There are no children in Vice City. Not only Vice City but any version of the game does not have children. The main reason is that if there are any children then they can be easily killed in a police chase or reckless driving going in the city and hence violate the law, making it ban. Therefore the creators do not create any child characters.


Fact 4 :

The beaches of Vice city closely resembles with the beaches of Miami.


Fact 5 :

Demolition man

“Demolition Man” often referred to as the helicopter mission is one of the hardest missions of the game.  Handling multiple keys to control a helicopter is what makes this mission very hard to complete.


Fact 6 :

GTA Vice City Admiral

The Admiral of Ken Rosenberg introduced in starting of the game (after a cut scene) is not a normal car. It is indestructible and can only be destroyed if flipped upside down or thrown into the river. 


Fact 7 :

GTA Vice City Moon Size

You can change the size of the moon by shooting it with the sniper.


Fact 8 :

Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist,  is the only person never to say the word “Fuck”.


Fact 9 :

You can wear a police uniform. You just need to enter the police station and go to the left side after the mission named “The Job”. You will get a police uniform. Once you are in the uniform you can enter any police station of the city and the military camp.


Fact 10 :

Phil Cassidy from GTA III reason of missing arm is explained in the mission Boomshine Saigon.


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