Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

PUBG Mobile

The name ‘PUBG’ is now in everyone’s hearts or at least in every gamer heart to say so. The popularity of PUBG can be seen by the record that it has set in recent years. The game has won many awards including the Steam “Game of the Year” award in 2018.

Here are some interesting facts about PUBG that will surprise you. 



Fact 1 :

Brendan Greene

PUBG is inspired from the Japanese thriller movie “Battle Royale” released in 2000 and Brendan Greene, the creator of PUBG, laid the foundation of PUBG  by creating a mod for “ARMA 3” and “Z1 Battle Royale” which he named as Battle Royale.



Fact 2 :

PUBG was initially released for PC only. Knowing about the popularity of the game it was decided to launch it for mobile platforms. However, it was not expected to be more popular than the PC version, but today the total number of players on the mobile platform has surpassed the PC players. 



Fact 3 :

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The phrase “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” is used to indicate “The Great Economic Depression of the 1930s”, a time where a lot of people had no money. If you bet and win, you have money to eat chicken for dinner and it’s your “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.



Fact 4 :

Brendan Greene Daughter

Brendon name Erangel after his daughter’s name Eryn. Eryn+Angel= Erangel.



Fact 5 :

PUBG maps

The name of locations in the Erangel map are the name of actual Russian cities and many buildings in Erangel are inspired by the abandoned city of Erangel. 



Fact 6 :

Keeping in mind the number of increasing hackers, the developers have decided to make a dedicated server for hackers. This rumor is real or not is still unknown and will only be revealed in the future updates of the game.



Fact 7 :

Walking barefoot reduces the noise of footsteps and creates an advantage for hiding and surviving.



Fact 8 :

VSS the most ignored Sniper rifle works best when you play in day-night mode. Using it in the night with a night vision really confuse your enemy.



Fact 9 :

There is a tag named “Pacifist” which is very rare. It can be achieved by winning the game without killing any enemy.



Fact 10 :

M24 is considered better than Kar98 but it takes the same number of bullets to take down an enemy from both the guns regardless of the armor and helmet.



Fact 11 :

Almost every new player wins his first PUBG game. This is because almost all the enemies are  AI-generated bots that are weak in shooting, this is done to encourage players and keep up his/her spirit to play PUBG more.



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