Getting Over It hack


‘Getting Over It’ is really a frustrating game and can take years to complete. No shortcut trick can work and you can’t say if you can complete it because you never know when you can fall and have to start over again. 

So for all those who are interested in seeking a cheat, that is not really a mod but a setting change in the game files you are most welcome! You can use this cheat to change gravity in the game and can then progress with much ease without any frustration.


Files you will need:

1. DnSpy: You can download dnSpy from Github. Here’s the link:

Make sure to download the correct version according to your computer’s architecture.


dnSpy Download


How to hack?

1. Extract the dnSpy by any extracting software. I recommend using Winrar. Download Winrar from here:


dnSpy Install


2. After dnSpy is extracted it will open with a similar window below. Don’t worry if you don’t have the same window. Click on file on the left and from drop-down select open.


dnSpy Window


3. Now you have to give the path of your Getting Over It directory. To find it out go to the game’s icon and right-click it. Click on ‘Open File Location’.


Getting Over It Directory


4. Click on ‘GettingOverIt_Data‘ folder and then click on the ‘Managed‘ folder. We have to modify ‘Assembly-CSharp.dll‘ file. 

5. Now open the file from dnSpy as mentioned in step 2 and open the Csharp.dll file. 


dnSpy hack


Starting with dnSpy:


6. After successfully opening the CSharp.dll file we are now ready to change gravity settings of the game. If you have a list of menu on the left side then it’s okay otherwise go to view and select ‘Assembly Explorer’ from the drop-down list.


Assembly Explorer


7. Now from the drop-down menu under the ‘Assembly Bar’ select the ‘Assembly-CSharp (‘ then click on the ‘{ } -‘, it will be the fourth option.


Assembly explorer options


8. Click on the ‘Gravity Control’ option. On the right side, right-click on the twelveth line ‘Physics2D.gravity = new Vector2(0f, -30f);‘ and select edit method. 


Edit Method


9. Now change -30 to -15. You can change according to your own wish but don’t enter 0 cause it will make your player fly in the sky. After changing the value click on compile.


dnSpy compile


10. Go to the ‘File’ option and click on ‘Save All’ option. If you are able to save the file without any problem then you have successfully hacked the game’s gravity. If you are having the window that says ‘Run NGEN.exe if this assembly is installed in the GAC‘ then simply change the saving location of the modified file in the filename option and then replace the file with the original ‘Assembly-CSharp.dll‘ file.



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