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I love games that have simple gameplay and missions. Ape Out is an escaping game where you have to make an ape escape out of the human’s reach. This game also gives the message about animal’s equality and their freedom in a strong manner. Game controls are easy but graphics are satisfiable up to some extent. However, the sound play is the best and it comes out as the best part of the game.


Drumbeats are the best

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Whenever I squashed an enemy I heard a great drumbeat. Believe me, you will really love this. Ape Out sometimes feel like more of a sound game than an escaping game. For most of the levels, there is a new set of Drumbeats to make you feel refresh. As our Ape rampage goes wilder and wilder the background music starts to become more intense and fast.


New tactics are always hidden

Ape Out


The ape can survive only three bullets at each level and there are no other things to make him run. But as I explore the game I discover I can use the fellow humans as a shield to make them fire to their own fellows. The ape can also hold a gate and can use it as a shield for oncoming bullets.

I once had my ape caught with fire and I use it to fire other enemies. However, it cost the ape to lose much blood and it dies later due to a shot. 


Levels are extremely difficult

A O 2


The initial levels or say the introductory levels are very easy as there are fewer enemies but the game becomes more intense and difficult to progress when the levels become bigger and there are a lot of enemies to kill your ape. The enemies range from a human carrying a shotgun to a rocket launcher. The ape can survive the shot of a shotgun but can’t survive the rocket. A single rocket can kill him instantly. The most frustrating enemies are the flamethrower. They can fire from a distance and are very hard to escape.


A social message


The final level of the game gives a strong social message. The ape tries to make every animal escape from the zoo by breaking the glasses where they are kept. The message of respecting the animals and not to keep them as a slave is described very greatly and in a comical grotesque way. Overall, if you love massacre and escaping game with a love for drums then you should definitely play Ape out.


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