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This intergalactic rhythm game brings back the memory of Avicii. The great musician passed away on April 20, 2018. However, this game was initially released in 2017 for the PS4 platform with the name “Invector”,  Hello There Games, Wired Productions, and Avicii Music have released an updated version of the game, with the name “Avicii Invector for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. Avicii Invector is a tribute to beautiful melodies and rhythm Avicii has created.


Great graphics and excellent controls

Avicii 1

The game is developed in the Unity engine and has great graphics. The art of the game will make you play it more and more. However, the gameplay is not the one that we haven’t seen before and is the only bad thing about this game. The combination of pressing keys with background music is totally awesome and addictive. During initial play, I was not expecting the controls to be so much addictive but as I played it further I totally love it the way controls have been designed.



Music is everywhere

Avicii Music

This is what Avicii Invector is all about. Every level has a different song and you have to tap with keys according to the beat. The song played in the game will make you remember Avicii. There are overall 25 songs of Avicii featured in the game. The game has 6 levels under which these 25 songs are distributed.

Songs in the game are:

Level 1 – Valley

1. Can’t catch me

2. Pure grinding

3. What would I change it to

4. The nights

Level 2 – Space

5. Waiting for love

6. Gonna love ya

7. Friend of mine

8. You be love

Level 3 – Ice

9. Sunset Jesus

10. Fade into darkness

11. Wake me up

12. Lonely together

Level 4 – City

13. Without you

14. Hey brother

15. Levels

16. I could be the one

17. You make me

Level 5 – Forest

18. Lay me down

19. For a better day

20. Broken arrows – M22 remix

21. True believer

22. Talk to myself

Level 6 – Oblivion

23. Heaven

24. Tough love

25. Fades away



A 2

Progress in the game is rewarded with 2D animations that shows up when your player Stella, a space pilot character completes missions across levels. A split-screen local multiplayer option is the best part of the game, and this is where the game turns into a party.

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