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A night of good sleep is what we need. But Darq sleepless nightmares happen night after night one after another. Lloyd the main character of the game in his dreams tends to solve mind-boggling puzzles to only unravel the unsettling and mysterious world of dreams.



Main Mechanics


The main mechanism of the game is the ability of Lloyd to manipulate gravity. You can do so when standing against a flat surface. This can flip out the whole room and you can explore a new space with a whole new perspective. The game has seven chapters which can only be solved if you love exploring things. Exploration is the best part of the game and that’s what keeping in main the mechanics of the game are built.



Puzzles that will take time


At many times, the puzzles are so much frustrating to solve that only a genius can solve them. It takes me 3 hours to complete the first two chapters. To complete those two-level I moved around the same platform for more than 100 times. So if you love puzzle-solving games than give this game a try.



Stealth is the only option


Lloyd can only make parts move from one place to another. There is no chance that he can fight with the mysterious creature that appears in between the levels of the game. Stealth is the one and the only option to move past from them. 



A nice game to play


Darq offers some of the best and clever mechanics like the rotating rooms in a well-built environment. At some point in time, it will give you frustration while sometimes a feeling of joy when you complete a certain level. Overall, this game is for the one who is willing to play without considering the amount of time and mind needed to spend to complete it.  

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