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John Wick Review

Everybody loves John Wick aka ‘The Boogeyman’. We know the Wick franchise for its action scenes and heroic storyline. But the Boogeyman game failed to impress on various aspects. The game is mainly developed on a 2-D set of graphics. While playing, I really felt bored a lot of times as the same sequence of actions are involved throughout the game. The whole game is based on tiny dots that looks like a grid type of thing. Our player can move along these dotted lines only. So if there are fans who want a full action-packed game of John Wick then so sorry to you. The game overall controls are with mouse only. 


Hex lack thrills and excitement 



As the game controls are entirely based on dots and some selection menus, there is no thrill and excitement while playing. The map of the game for a particular level is very small and it sometimes seems to be repeated. The same gameplay of killing enemies and making accurate movements is sometimes frustrating.  However, there is a great role of time sequences. There are times when I played the game according to movements but not according to time and I have failed to pass on to the next levels.  The time given for our player to kill enemies is depended on the movement and the accuracy percentage of shooting. To make progress in-game, I have used many tricks like crouching and moving only one dot at a time. 


There are many things to do on a small map



While the game seems to be a puzzle solver there are many options that can involve you in a game for a longer time. The game controls are with a right and left click for movement and gun pick-ups respectively. The information screen on the bottom displays Health bar, Gun magazine, and stance option. There are two stances of a player in the game the crouched and standing. 


Health bar and gun magazine are hard to find and use

The health bar is the most frustrating part of the game. Health comes with a premium cost. While gun ammo can be taken from the killed enemy, health can’t be increased in the same way. Move the player in a certain direction to get bandages.  The gun magazine plays a crucial part in player progress. The players can have a maximum of 15 bullets in his handgun. If the players reload the gun, then they will lose any bullets in the gun. An interesting fact is that whenever you choose to shoot you, John Wick will fire two bullets at his enemy because Wick double taps his enemy in the movies. 


Overall, a nice game

Review JWH 3


If I would have to say whether or not you should play Hex then I will definitely say you should play it only if you love puzzle games or if you are a die-hard fan of John Wick. As I said earlier anyone who is expecting that they will get a feel of an action-packed game then there is a big no for your expectations. However, the game deals with a nice amount of brain exercise and is really enjoyable.

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