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Many games are built with heavy graphics, but Lonely Mountains – Downhill is not the same. The soothing poly landscapes feel like playing a game made from papercraft. However, the game is not up to the mark in terms of controls and gameplay. If you want to relax and feel the voice of the mountains and the wilderness than you can play it.


Loose controls

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One of the common problems of this game is the controls. I don’t know how can my biker control himself without me. There is no arrangement as to how my cycle will move cause the left and right movements somehow don’t work. Various times on a downhill, the cycle gains so much speed that it is very difficult to control it. To make it stop is a really difficult task.


Very long levels  

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The levels are usually very long. If you have once stopped the game from the middle you have to start again from the beginning. However, there are checkpoints in between but these are only helpful if you can play the whole level at one go. Normally a single level has 6 checkpoints. 


Repeated levels for unlocking items

LM - Downhill 3


Since after I completed a level after so many tries it unlocked me a new challenge to complete a level under a given number of tries and time. But that’s at the same level. So if I have played a level 15 times and I do have to play it now to complete the challenges wouldn’t it be boring? I will not definitely play but there is no other option you can’t skip any challenge if you haven’t completed it.

In my opinion, you should not play this game cause there’s no excitement in playing this. However, if you are a fan of adventurous biking and want to play it for just exploring then you can give it a try. But don’t expect much from it.


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