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The most fascinating thing in ‘My Friend Pedro’ is its sound play. I love that. The action scenes in the gameplay is the best part of the game. This 2-D shooter game never compromises in its action sequences.

My Friend Pedro is a score-attack game and it’s all about maintaining a multiplier by killing enemies. You need to avoid getting shot and find creative ways to kill enemies quickly in order to increase your multiplier.

You can shoot in slow motion or can rotate to escape from firing bullets from enemies or can even use a basketball to kill an enemy in one shot only.   


A banana tells you what to do

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My friend Pedro is based on the banana named Pedro who advises to kill people and makes a player explore exciting moves. Pedro appears in the corner of the screen whenever I make a high-score combo and tells what rank I got at the level’s end. I got a lot of points when I chain events and make combo moves. Pedro can’t speak clearly and can only speak in his banana language which also adds some funny moments in the game.


Decent graphics and nice physics

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Graphics of the game are quite decent and somewhat comparable to 2D shooter games but the nice thing about the levels of the game is the use of physics and levers and many more things. In further later stages, the player gameplay is more focused on the physics and puzzles rather than on the enemies.


Refresher level and bosses

Playing over the same mechanics can bore you sometimes but for that, there are some levels that are based on different concepts like the motorbike chase, boss fight or a freefall. The boss’s level is not so great and they are fast and bombastic. Along with the score at the end of every level, you can share or save moments of your in-level gifs.


Nice game but not so great storyline

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My Friend Pedro is a nice game to play for arcade lovers but don’t expect it to have a great storyline as the storyline is nonsense and doesn’t make much sense, if there were unlockables like skins and more action stunts then it would be a plus point for the game. However, if you love shooting and puzzle with a touch of action than My Friend Pedro is a must-play. 


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