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There are very few games are really enjoyable. Honestly saying I love Untitled Goose Game. The game motive is simple, do as much as you can. The game is in 2D graphics. While the name of the game is something inappropriate, the gameplay is even much better with simple controls and missions. I never felt bored while playing. However, the controls are sometimes hard to manage and feels like they are not working or jammed.


A naughty goose and it’s motive



A lone goose is on a mission to torment the unsuspecting people of a village. The goose motive is clear just honk, steal and do funny things. For a certain level, a list of tasks is given to goose to make progress in the game. The tasks involved stealing things from the unsuspecting people. I love the fact that having no much of intense graphics set this game is joyful to play. The game is mind relaxing and can be played for hours without getting bored.


Game controls are quite tricky



The game main controls are with a mouse but sometimes these controls lack in controlling the goose. For example, while I make the goose run it is hard to control its movement, and it gets blocked by obstacles. The same problem is with picking up objects. The objects that are kept on height or accidentally fall on the ground are hard to grab and I have to make certain slow and fixed movements to hold them.


Simple missions are hard to understand

Untitled Goose Game 3


While the game missions are described as to-do tasks in a list there is no further explanation as to how to perform these tasks. For example, a task that says “Rake in the lake” takes over 2 days to complete. I googled how to complete this task and find a silly solution to this. The task was simple, I have to just drag a gardener’s rake into the river. There is no order as to which task to perform first and each task is independent of each other.


A funny and enjoyable game

The most enjoyable thing that I found in the Untitled Goose Game is “The Goose”. The movement of the goose is hilarious while walking and it adds a super laugh to watch it run. The honking feels like “The Goose” is calling its mom. This game is a stress buster.

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