Vane 2

Vane Poster

What does this game mean will be a real mystery for me always. I have never seen a game until Vane that gives no motive to play it. There are no instructions as to how to make progress in the game and the game is based on the girl who somehow can become a bird. After the girl becomes a bird all you have to do is just fly and explore mysterious lands. The whole open world is a deserted area and gives a feeling of boredom after much of flying in the sky.


Intro is amazing


The game starts with an amazing scene where a woman is seen struggling to save her child. She runs in the unknown land where metal plates are breaking. The woman then seems to approach a light that is coming from a distant place. As she approaches a giant figure blocks her way.

This starting makes me feel that it would be another good game but it was not so and was a big disappointment.


There are no missions

Vane 2

It took me over 7 hours to complete the game. However, if there were missions list in the game then it would be a lot easier and faster to complete the game. Vane will definitely confuse and frustrate you, as it has no interest in telling you what to do where the only thing noticeable while you fly as a bird is glittering lights. These lights can be supposed to be a way to progress in the game.


Vane requires concentration

Vane 4

While playing for the first 3 or 4 hours, I absolutely hated Vane and wants to delete it. But for reviewing, I have to complete it no matter how. I just keep flying around in circles and notice only few things such as a tower and ruins. The game will never tell you if you are in the right or wrong direction. 

The lack of instructions forced me to pay attention to sounds and sights of the game and that took me to a point that makes me realize how this game will be played. You will need a lot of concentration. As I concentrated, I started manipulating small machines.


Glitches and Cameras

V 5

The most disappointing part of Vane is it glitches and troublesome camera. There are many noticeable glitches in Vane. The first glitch start right after the initial scenes. The second most disappointing thing is the camera set up of the game. The game is based on the 3rd person view and while flying like a bird camera sometimes focus on the bird rather than the environment.


Is it worth playing?

As I said earlier, Vane will require much of your attention. If you have patience and concentration to discover mysterious things on your own then you should definitely play this game.