Games bosses

A successful game is depended on its gameplay and characters. And by characters, I especially mean villain or boss of the story. Ranging from big monstrous villains to villains having spiritual powers, these villains have increased the game’s popularity and intensity. These villains make a game iconic and hard to play. So here are the most difficult in-game villain characters to beat.


1. Ull (Far Cry Primal)


Ull from the Far Cry Primal is always tough to defeat. In the Udam Homeland that is Ull’s territory, there are no of camps plus a bonfire camp that constitutes a number of Udam warriors. In order to defeat Ull, I had to shoot the Ice shards whenever Ull came under them. To make things more difficult you have to hit the shards while fighting Ull cause he is a massive guy. I died almost 6 times but since it was a cave I hid and do many sneak attacks on Ull and finally defeat him. However, Ull was not the most difficult one to defeat but the most frustrating one.


2. Galactus (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3)


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a nice arcade game, but the boss Galactus is very hard to defeat. The game is much worth to play until the fight with Galactus. He is very much big in size than our players and is very hard to attack him. Defeating him in the hard mode is somewhat impossible. It takes me a lot of time with Dr.Strange, Iron Man and Deadpool to figure out how to defeat this much big size boss, which was a very difficult task.


3. The Giant (Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones)

The Giant

Well for killing The Giant fat boss in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones you don’t need to really fight him but a set of perfect timed skills. I have included this in the list, cause for understanding how to kill him was a tough task to do and once I know that how to kill him it was just a matter of time and was so easy. First, I jump on him and was prompted with speed kill triggers. Then I jump again to make him completely blind and progressively killed him.


4. Viper (Titanfall 2)


Viper is the best boss in Titanfall 2 and any of the other Titans can hardly defeat him. I defeated him by using Tone. I use the panels that go up and down to block his attacks and use rockets. The overall process for defeating Viper requires to takes cover as much as possible.


5. Azazel (Tekken 6) 


By far Tekken characters were not difficult to defeat. But Azazel is a monster that is really hard to beat. Such a big creature can do everything worst as possible. I died almost 10 times to kill him and this is the case at a normal level. Once set, the hard level of Azazel is too frustrating and hard to defeat. 


6. The Invisible Boss (Dark Sector)

The Invisible boss

Dark Sector every boss is unique in its own way and with the invisible boss it was really difficult to spot him and make attack. As most of the time it is invisible it was hard to tell that where should I attack. But due to his footstep in the water help me to know where it was going and helps me to defeat him. 


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