The Indian gaming community is growing very rapidly and PUBG is giving rise to it. PUBG is creating a revolution in India as it is giving many new gamers to develop and showcase their skills at global levels. At this, girls are also not so much behind and in the coming years, we will be seeing many female gamers giving tough competition. 

Here’s a list of top Indian PUBG female streamers on Youtube.



1. Pooja (475K subscribers)



A beautiful streamer who started her career as a TV actress and is known for her roles in “Ichhapyari Naagin”. She is now a full-time PUBG gamer and has her best record of 24 kills in the squad. She has over 460 videos on her Youtube channel. Her channel is growing day by day and will soon touch the milestone of 1 million subscribers.


Here’s the link of her Youtube channel –




2. Rog Stream (321K subscribers)


Annie aka “Rog Stream” is a really very good gamer. She streams a lot and that can be seen by the number of videos on her channel. Currently, there are more than 900 videos on her channel and a website. She loves sniping and it can be very hard to kill her once she had a sniper. 


Here’s the link of her Youtube channel – 




3. Mysterious YT (275K subscribers)


She is an experienced gamer who knows how to engage her audience. She usually streams for very long with a maximum time of more than 5 hours. On her Youtube channel, she only has 78 videos till now but due to her long streams, it is justified why she has a fan base of more than 250K subscribers. Recently, she made a 1,00,000 UC opening video which is a proof that how much she earns through her stream.


Here’s the link of her Youtube channel – 




4. XYAA (169K subscribers)


With over 200 videos on her channel, Shagufta Iqbal is a software engineer. She started gaming to reduce her shyness and Twitch help her to overcome her shyness to a great extent. Since childhood, she was fascinated by the fact of meeting new people across the globe through games and used to bunk college to play DOTA 2, the game that changed her life. She used to play games more than anything else and that was the time when she realized that gaming was not a hobby anymore. Currently, she switches between PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile (emulator). 


Here’s the link of her Youtube channel –




5. Ankkita C (152K Subscribers)

PUBG Ankkita C

A beautiful streamer with short height is not a pro gamer but wins everyone’s heart by her gameplay. She is new to the streaming community and developing her skills to become a pro. Ankkita started her PUBG career in 2018. She has more than 400 videos on her channel. Apart from PUBG, she streams GTA V, Call of Duty – Mobile, Resident Evil 7 – Biohazard and CS – GO.


Here’s the link of her Youtube channel –




6. ITGC (111K subscribers)


Indian Tactical Gaming Community is a Youtube channel managed by a couple. Smiley steps into the world of gaming after the success of her husband in the channel. With more than 950 videos this channel is growing day by day. Recently in an official PUBG tournament, she killed the most famous Indian PUBG player Soul Mortal. However, according to the viewers, she was stream sniping the SOUL squad. 


Here’s the link of her Youtube channel – 




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