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Remember, there are certain conditions and topics you can post your content.


What content can you submit?

1. Game Reviews

A-) As Gamingberg mainly focuses on reviews you can submit reviews of any released game. But just keep in mind, the game review that you are going to submit should be newly released.

B-) Please do submit the media files related to your review, so that in can describe your review more properly.


2. List

A-) Another great thing you can submit to us is the list. It can be anything, literally anything related to games.

B-) List can contain items ranging from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 30 items.


3. Walkthrough

A-) Want to make people know how to defeat a certain boss or how to get passed in-game missions, submit a walkthrough.

B-) When submitting a walkthrough, mention all the necessary steps or ways to complete a given walkthrough.



Please keep the following points in mind while submitting your post:

1. Your content should be original. No copied content is allowed on Gamingberg. 

2. If you are attaching a media file with your post, be sure that you have all the rights of the respective media.

3. Your post should contain at least a minimum word length of 500 words. However, for walkthrough there is no such word limit. 


Once your post is submitted we have right to do:

1. On the successful submission of your post, we have the right to modify your content.

2. If any copyrighted content is found even after your post is published we can immediately remove your post.


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